Monday, December 14, 2015

4 days to go: Peg Warmers!

For toy collectors the term ‘peg warmer’ is well-known. It simply describes action figures that didn’t sell at the level expected by the manufacturer and/or retailer. Ultimately they will ‘warm’ the pegs that they are displayed on in the stores without selling. Collectors hate peg warmers, as they clog the shelves of retailers and stop new and wanted action figures arriving in stores. This has been happening since the beginning of Star Wars action figures in the late 70s. I remember going into toy stores as a kid and being disappointed to see the same old figures there every time. A few stick in my mind … from the vintage figures I always remember seeing Ree-Yees in abundance. Surprisingly I also remember seeing many Yak-Face figures in the mid 80s (he was a relatively boring and unknown character). I say ‘surprisingly’, as he is now one of the rarest and most valuable figures, as he was never released in the US (only in Europe and Canada). A couple of recent ones that spring to mind are Ric Olie from Episode I and Leia in Jabba’s slave outfit from the recent 6" Black Series.

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