Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2 days to go: It really was all about the action figures

As a kid my Star Wars collection primarily consisted of the Palitoy/Kenner action figures and vehicles. I managed to collect virtually every one released between 1978 and the mid 1980s, after which they were discontinued. These are now referred to as 'Vintage Figures'! They were well played with and I still have them all. I took great pride in my collection and would often display them all together for my family to see. I also memorized every name of every figure. I since went back and re-collected them mint on their original packaging. I had so much fun hunting them down over the years. These figures remain the most precious part of my collection.

My Star Wars action figure collection in 1988.

The vintage Star Wars action figures I have collected still on their original packaging.

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