Tuesday, December 8, 2015

10 days to go: My very own Star Wars simulator!

Among the many ambitious ideas I had as a kid was one to create my very own X-Wing Fighter simulator in my bedroom. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this masterpiece, but a few of the elements still exist. The simulator included a full size cockpit that I made out of boxes and styrofoam that I would sit in. I then had a star field that I could look out on and these 'Airfix" models of Imperial Fighters dangling from the ceiling on string for me to engage. It was ultimately covered in blankets to cut out any natural light. I would often escape inside this monstrosity and make-believe that I was a Rebel fighter battling it out against the Empire. It even included sound effects from a speaker inside that linked to my record player. I am sure if I could see it now it would look like a hot mess, but in my childhood memories it was awesome.

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