Monday, October 5, 2015

74 days to go: If I were a Star Wars Character...

I am often asked who my favorite Star Wars character is. I always struggle with this question, as I love them all and for many different reasons. Among the few that really resonated with me as a child was Princess Leia, as I love strong, powerful women. Darth Vader also made a mark on me, as I loved the mystery and the conflict within him. Visually, a very strong favorite were the Emperor’s Royal Guards, which were first introduced in Return of the Jedi. I just loved the contrast of their all-red costumes versus the cold dark colors of the rest of the Imperial army.

Emperor's Royal Guard: replica helmet, Kenner/Hasbro action figures, Kotobuyika ArtFX+ statues, Gentle Giant statue, Gentle Giant 1:6 scale bust, Sideshow Vinyl Collectible Doll Super-Deformed figure, Micro Machines Transforming Action Set

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