Saturday, October 31, 2015

48 days to go: My holy grail

Every photo you have seen (and will see) in my 100 day countdown was taken by me and comes from my own Star Wars collection. This is the only exception. Every collector has their ‘holy grail’, that one item that they would love to have in their collection, but have never been able to track down, or it is just too expensive. There are a few items I would love to have: a mint on card vinyl-caped Jawa figure and a mint on original Star Wars card Boba Fett spring to mind. However, the one item that tops the list is the original Palitoy Death Star Playset from the late 70s. They can reach up to $7,500 (£5,000), depending on the condition. The hunt continues...

 Star Wars Death Star playset, Palitoy

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