Sunday, September 20, 2015

89 days to go: In memory of John Henson

I made a passing comment one day to a very good and talented friend of mine, John Henson: "How great would it be if Disney Store did a Princess Leia doll in the style of the Disney Animator dolls’. This range imagines Disney characters as they would have been as toddlers and are designed by the original animators. In his typical style, John surprised me with a one-of-a-kind custom version! It is one of the most treasured items in my collection.


  1. John was so special. Our connection was through Oz and Broadway rather than Star wars, but his kindness and generosity apparently knew no bounds. In a sad coincidence, a message from John from last year showed up in my FB memories today.

  2. I think this needs to become a reality for all of us!!!! How cute!!!!!!!! Oooooo and she should have the famous line she says from the film too heheheh :p